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Drivers record keeping

If you are a driver on a journey that falls into scope of Drivers’ Hours Rules and Regulations then you are required to keep a record of your journey. The examples of records are analogue tachograph, digital tachograph card, or a log book depending on type of work undertaken and vehicle used.. In the same

On the road

List of courses for obtaining Transport Manager CPC qualification

Applicants for a Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence must show that they are ‘professionally competent’ or that they employ a transport manager who meets the requirements. Persons will be considered ‘professionally competent’ by passing the examination for the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) conducted by OCR Examinations on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT). Are


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Styles of management in logistics

Beliefs and methods of superior, manager influence on employees are expressed through a managing style. There are no good or bad managing styles. However, there are less or more effective methods of people management. Efficient management means activities dependent from a given situation. People can be guided to a specific goal, lead them, or force

Tachograph Rules

Driver’s responsibilities

Following list points out basic HGV drivers responsibilities: Fit to drive correct driving licence for the vehicle driven,digital card, qualification card correct record of work activities- last 28 days worth of tacho record  proper vehicle check and defect reporting this includes pre shift and spot checks during the shift as well with correct reporting of

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