Improve Efficiency & Profit in 20 Minutes - Freights

Improve Efficiency & Profit in 20 Minutes

Improve work in your company in 20 minutes

In 20 minutes we will show you how to manage your vehicles and loads to improve your work quality and help you make your business more efficient and profitable

  1. Take care about communication in your company
    The most important thing in your company is communication. You and your colleagues should have access to constant and up to date information of what loads and vehicles your company is working on without everyone having to ask for updates. That’s why you and your colleagues should use one system and see all available loads and vehicles in one place. cloud is designed to show you all available loads and vehicles on a single map and improve communication in your company.
  2. Add, manage loads and vehicles inside your company
    Once you’ve set up your account on you and your colleagues have access to cloud. In order to add all your available loads and vehicles to the system just fill in the relevant fields on the form shown below. Make sure the dates and locations are correct. When you add something on the board your colleagues will be updated immediately. To bring up the details about the consignment, updated by someone else, just click on the icon on the map and information will instantly appear.
    You can delete a consignment as soon as it becomes out of date.
    Now using this system all loads and vehicles are tracked in real time.

  3. Add and manage your partner list
    Now is time to improve communication between your company and your partners. cloud gives you a great opportunity to communicate with your partners and limit the information to only those who you choose. That way they can see what your availability throughout the day is without you sending email updates or making phone calls.
    You can simply add partners to your list and when your partner becomes an active user he or she can see your loads or vehicle on the dashboard.They will receive email updates informing them about your loads or vehicles availability.
    Now when you add available vehicle to your board, your colleagues can see it and your partner’s are available to see it, too.
  4. Send daily update to your partners.
    If your partner is not active you don’t need to worry about it. When you and your colleagues finish updating the board you can send notification message (email) to all your inactive partners by clicking “Send update email to your partners”.
    In this case we will group all your available goods and we will send it to your partners automatically.

    If you have any questions about partners you can read everything about partner’s roles here
  5. Add your company profile
    On top of all that we offer availability to create your company profile on which can act as your website if you haven’t got one, this will also increase your company presence in on-line searches by potential customers.
    You can create your company profile page on in one easy step. Read more here how to do it Profile page on how can I build my company page

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