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Add new partners cloud allows you to manage own loads and vehicles in your company, sharee it with your partners outside of the company and see available loads from your private business network.

If you want to increase your profit by using cloud you need to build your customer list carefully with businesses you trust. When your partners list is updated all of them can see your goods and your daily update sends by cloud will update all of them.
You can manage your partner list when you click partners in Shipping menu.


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Two way information flow between you and your partners.
When you add a new partner to your list we will send them a notification email including some information about you and your goods or services you would like to offer.
If you want to see your partners loads/vehicles they need to add your company as a partner first. This system works similar to a social network model.
You can always check the partners panel where you have information about potential partners who share information with you and are waiting to see your goods.

Who is the partner in cloud?
That would be the people you share the information with about your consignments or vehicle availability.
You can add your partner’s email to your partners list and tick what type of services you want to offer them. They will then be able to see your vehicle availability or what loads you need moved, all of the information flow is controlled by you.

Why should I add the partners?
Adding partners to your list builds your company’s professional network which improves the way your services are advertised among people you usually deal with and trust. Your partners get instant updates of your available services or loads simply by keeping logged on to Incase they are not logged on they will receive email updates.The main benefit to you is that you save time on sending emails or calling and asking for updates from your partners as our service does that for you.

How do I know who can see my offer?
By checking your partner list you can find all your partners details and check when they logged in last time. You can check their current status as well.
When you update your board all active partners can see your available vehicles or loads. You can also click the notification button which will send the emails to your inactive partners.

What are the benefits of this service for my company?
You are able to notify your partners and potential customers about your availability with real time notification to all of them or only part of them chosen by yourself .The real bonus starts when they start using the same system and you get to see their availability as well. Obviously your inter company communication gets improved as well and you can see what everyone else in your company is working on.

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