Are you up to date with current transport legislation?–

Roman Nawrocki
Transport Consultant

Operating vehicles in scope of Operator Licencing brings many more requirements that with managing just a small vehicle fleet. Non compliance with Operator’s Licence undertakings is a serious issue which can cost you your business! It makes sense to get it right the first time as safe and compliant practices will save you time, money and effort in the long run, ensuring you do not put people at increased risk by just going to work.  Failing to satisfy all the Operator’s Licence undertakings can lead to  serious consequences for your business as if Traffic Commissioner is not satisfied that you operate safely they can decide to:

– refuse to grant a licence
– refuse to vary existing licence
– attach conditions to a licence
– impose financial penalties on registered bus service operators
– revoke or suspend existing licence
– disqualify individual or company from being able to hold  a licence
and effectively force you close your business as with no licence you cannot keep your vehicles on the road

Are you sure you’re not running this risk?

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