AETR rules - Freights

AETR rules

AETR rules apply to non EU countries listed below and apply to the entire journeys that go to or through AETR country including EU states. Currently AETR rules are running in line with EU driving rules.


EU countries AETR countries EEA Countries
Austria Albania All the EU countries plus:
Belgium Andorra Iceland
Bulgaria Armenia Liechtenstein
Cyprus Azerbaijan Norway
Czech Belarus
Denmark Republic
Estonia Bosnia and Herzegovina
Finland Croatia
France Kazakhstan
Germany Liechtenstein
Greece Macedonia
Hungary Moldova
Ireland Monaco
Italy Montenegro
Latvia Russia
Lithuania San Marino
Luxembourg Serbia
Malta Switzerland
Netherlands Turkey
Poland Turkmenistan
Portugal Ukraine
Romania Uzbekistan
United Kingdom

Source : VOSA Rules on Drivers hours and Tachographs


Non EU EEA countries follow EU driving rules as well

AETR is from French and  in translation it stands for European Agreement on Road Transport.





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