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Tachograph analysis software overview

The tachograph was originally introduced for the railroads in the 1920s (The Hasler Event Recorder) so that companies could better document irregularities. Today a tachograph is a device fitted to a vehicle that automatically records its speed and distance, together with the driver’s activity selected from a choice of modes. A tachograph system comprises a


EASY TAC DOWNLOADER Easy to use with a simple user interface – Data is read automatically when you insert your driver’s card or attach your VU download device. Files are stored in tamper-proof format, conforming to the European standards, as required by the authorities. You can choose to save these files on your PC or


Tachofta provides you with a range of services to help ensure you stay compliant with the latest tachograph regulations. Available Tachofta services: Bureau analysis Post, scan or upload your drivers’ hours records to Tachofta and they’ll analyse them for you. On-site compliance service Provides you with analysis and solutions at your premises to keep you


Pitstop Flag is a digital tachograph download, archiving and analysis application that assists you in meeting EC Drivers’ Hours and Working Time Directive legislation. From the tachograph data it produces infringement and speeding reports enabling Operators maintain a legally run fleet of vehicles. The tachograph software runs under Windows on an office or home computer


RHA Analysis is the new tachograph digital, analogue or mixed analysis software designed for all fleet sizes and sectors, fully web-based, fully automated. It delivers a modern way of working for transport offices. RHA Analysis provides powerful KPI exception based reporting across multiple depots, drivers and vehicles. Reports can be automatically emailed to any transport


Tachomaster doesn’t just do tachograph analysis. It gives you the big picture of your business at no extra cost. Your analysed tachographs contain vast information about how you’re using your vehicles and drivers. Tachomaster lets you see, understand and use this information. All Tachomaster reports let you compare different drivers, depots and regions. You can


Driver qualification courses September 2014 deadline – time running out.

Do you drive a large goods vehicle to transport anything professionally? If you do, have you already completed your five days of periodic training? If not, don’t forget to do it before September 9, 2014 as part of the new Driver Certificate of Professional Competence! The Driver CPC is EU-wide and affects all professional drivers


Styles of management in logistics

Beliefs and methods of superior, manager influence on employees are expressed through a managing style. There are no good or bad managing styles. However, there are less or more effective methods of people management. Efficient management means activities dependent from a given situation. People can be guided to a specific goal, lead them, or force

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