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Driving limits and Breaks


Break in drivers hours regulations is defined as “any period during which a driver may not carry out any driving or any other work and which is used exclusively for recuperation”

A break may be taken in moving vehicle providing no other work is undertaken.

 So for example in double manned vehicle if a second driver is not undertaking any work his time in passenger seat may be classified as break.

 Drivers subject to Drivers hours rules and WTD need to satisfy  separate set of rules in order to stay legal on the road.

 Driving Hours Regulations require to take 45 min after 4,5 hours of driving, this may be split in two periods of time  first 15 then 30. There is no other way the driver can split his/her break, so for example if 30 minute break was taken as first break then another 30 is still required to satisfy 45 min break requirement. When the driver continues the journey and another period of 4,5 hours has been driven another 45 min break is required. Daily driving limit is 9 hours with an option to extend to 10  h twice a week (between two rest periods), so if the driver chooses to extend his/her driving then he/she may carry on for another 1 hour before daily rest is due.You must also remember that there is 56h driving limit in any fixed week(00:00 Monday to 24:00 Sunday) plus 90 h fortnightly limit as well.



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