Driver's Rest Periods - Freights

Driver’s Rest Periods


Drivers rest is an uninterrupted period of time where a driver may freely dispose of their time.
Daily rest should be 11 h in any 24 h period, which can be reduced to 9 hours 3 times a week with no need of compensation.
Drivers involved in multi manning operation providing that during each period of driving ( apart from first hour) there is 2 drivers present in the vehicle, must have a minimum rest period of 9 hours in every 30 consecutive hours.

There is an option of split daily rest where a driver takes at least 3 hours rest then 9 h as a second part.
Regular daily rest can be interrupted when a driver accompanies a vehicle traveling on a train or a ferry. The interruption is limited to 1 hour and a driver must have access to a bunk or couchette.

Driver is required to have at least 2 weekly rests in a period of 2 weeks. One of them must be at least 45 h, the other one can be reduced to a minimum of 24 h with a requirement of compensation by the end of third week following reduction. The reduction must be taken together with any weekly or daily rest.  



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