Period of availability - Freights

Period of availability


Period of availability (POA) is a time of the shift that is spent waiting for work or being available for work.

Following criteria need to be met for the driver t be able to clock POA:

  • Duration must  be known in advance by a driver (can be extended or interrupted at any time)
  • Driver must not be required to remain at the place of work (vehicle)
  • Driver must be available to answer the phone or communicate with management
  • Driver need to be available to start work for the duration of POA

Examples of  period of availability  are accompanying a vehicle on a ferry crossing or waiting while other workers load/unload the vehicle. For mobile workers driving in a team, a POA would also include time spent sitting next to the driver while the vehicle is in motion (unless taking a break or performing other work, i.e. navigation).

It is accepted that first 45 minutes of POA can be classified as break that’s why there is no need to change tachograph mode to break whilst on POA. Click here for more information on drivers breaks 





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