Unforeseen situations and emergencies - Freights

Unforeseen situations and emergencies

In the event of emergency or unforeseen circumstances and when road safety is not jeopardised the driver can make the exemption from the regulations in order to take care of vehicle passengers, load or vehicle safety itself. This exemption needs to be documented on drivers tacho chart, digital tacho print out or separate sheet of paper and needs to be kept as a record of driving activities. This does not give the driver the opportunity to come back to the depot if running out of hours, but allows to find a safe place to safely park the vehicle and make other arrangements to make public, passengers or cargo safe. It is possible that the next safe place for the driver to park is the depot itself, but this cannot be used as an option to bend the rules if running out of hours. The circumstances must be unforeseen therefore cannot be planned for,or scheduled for. Examples can be  traffic jam due to an  accident, but not road works unless they are undertaken as an emergency.



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