Working Time Directive - Freights

Working Time Directive

Mobile workers subject to EU drivers hours need to meet following WTD criteria as well:

  • do not exceed 60 hours of work in any single week (Monday to Sunday)
  • do not exceed an average of 48 hours in a reference period (usually 17 or 26 weeks)
  • do not exceed 10 hours of work in 24 h period when working on nights (unless regulated by collective workforce agreement)

Working Time Directive requires mobile workers including drivers to interrupt their working time by breaks. Break required depends on the length of shift undertaken in a given  day. The rules are as follows:

  •  30 min break is required if your shift is between 6 and 9 hours
  • 45 min break is required if your shift is over 9 hours long

  • you may not work more than 6 consecutive  hours in any part of your shift without a break

  • minimum break time is 15 min

You can split your breaks in separate periods, however your minimum break must be not less than 15 min.

There is no need to take separate breaks to satisfy Driving Hours and WTD, so if you take 45 min. then it would cover your 4,5 h driving and over 9 h shift, providing you plan them correctly.

Please note that for calculating weekly hours  Period of Availability (POA) and breaks are not counted so it is possible for drivers to spend more time “on duty” and still be legal.

In order to calculate weekly average correctly the holidays and other leave is to be counted as 8 h per day or 48 h per week of absence. Holidays that are additional to the statutory holiday entitlement (5,6 weeks per year) can be used to reduce the working average.




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