Christmas driver shortage - Freights

Christmas driver shortage


It is clear that 2014 has been good for the economy and this Christmas we will be able to spend more than in previous years. The question is who will deliver this products as we have a shortage of drivers in the UK. Due to driver CPC qualification deadline which run out in September we will not be in the position to source from temporary drivers as mush as we used to in previous years. Not all of the drivers stayed on top of the requirements and are no longer qualified to drive commercially simply because full CPC qualification course was between £500 and £1000 for five modules plus time of work. On top of that ever increasing traffic and many fatal collisions with cyclists widely reported by television put people off this job and in best cases makes them refuse to work in major cities.

In general transport industry will struggle to deliver on time for Christmas. That will result in transport companies competing for drivers, increasing their wages and benefits. It has never been to much of a problem to find a job for an experienced HGV driver but this year the situation has got even better for them as they are in the position to walk out of one employment and start working somewhere else on the very next day. The pressure of the demand pushes employers to seek support from agencies which helps inexperienced drivers who may be offered temporary driving opportunities where that would not be the case if there was no driver shortage.
It’s a very good investment to go for HGV license at the moment as most people will be able to pay back their cost within first year of work and with most training companies offering nor percent finance it is even more tempting.The only downside is that most HGV Driving positions are not typical nine to five jobs, but with wages going as high as £35000 PA in some cases many people would be able to double their salary.
HGV class C license cost is about £2200 at the moment with further £1500 for C+E, with wages from £20000 to £35000
it is definitely a good investment.



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