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Minimum wage for HGV drivers crossing Germany on hold

Germany set a new minimum wage for all drivers working at their territory, that includes all drivers employed in different countries but working in Germany ! 

From 1st of January 2015 all drivers working in Germany need to be registered with German authorities and their employers need to be able to prove that they are paid a minimum of 8.5 EURO per hour.

This news caused opposition from few eastern European countries as that would mean their drivers would have to be paid triple their current wage to be able to cross Germany. As a result of international pressure German government announced that the controls for trucks only crossing Germany will be suspended and there will be no need to register this journeys with the  authorities. No suspension is in place for collections, pick ups or cabotage journeys at German territory.  Currently big part of western Europe transport market is in eastern countries hands, with this move the German government gives its transport industry a massive help to be more competitive. Obviously recent news puts eastern block transport business in better position, but realistically they will not be able to compete on the level they used to for the loads in Germany. Looks like the transport across Europe will become more expensive in the long run.



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