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Speeding kills – allow others to survive if they make a mistake

Few examples how the government is trying to stop killing people on the road.
Ask yourself what do you do to stop it…

Other people make mistakes

Published on 5 Jan 2014
No one should pay for a mistake with their life, give people a chance to make an error and still survive. We share the road with others, so choosing the speed and distance is crucial to everyone’s safety .

Think don’t ride too fast

Transport for London advert promoting motorcycle safety.

Richard didn’t want to die – graphic seatbelt road safety advert

Post-watershed version of UK road safety advert showing the effects of a 30mph crash on an unprotected body. Richard, who is not wearing a seatbelt, is not killed by the initial impact or striking the windscreen. Because he is not wearing a seatbelt the impact on the steering wheel, even when cushioned by an airbag, punctures his lungs.

UK Road Safety Advert – Speed Kills. Kill Your Speed from 1994


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