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Stop the Killing by HGVs


HGVs are responsible for 15% of pedestrians killed on roads and 19% cyclist deaths across the UK, rising to over 50% of the cyclist fatalities in London.
It is not safe for HGVs with blind spots to share the roads with pedestrians and cyclists and priority must be given to the safety of vulnerable road users.Are we doing enough to reduce the risks that pedestrians and cyclists need to take during everyday commuting?
Looking at the accident rates it is obvious that we are not!

What can we do to improve this situation then? Some say that HGV traffic should be limited to non rush hour time in London, but is that really going to make a difference? If we take a look around it is hard to name any object in the capital which was not brought in by heavy commercial vehicle. So from concrete and steel through alcohol and chocolate bars to medical supplies almost everything is delivered by HGVs. If we take away the rush hour time from delivery drivers who already are restricted by driving hours and working time directive rules we will end up in increased number of vehicles going in to meet the demand that will not disappear. There is no way that transport companies will be able squeeze all the deliveries into narrow time slots which will result in them putting the charges up and sending more vehicles in to meet ever growing demand.
The real solution would be to totally separate cyclists from main stream traffic and that is what we should be aiming for. Until that goal is reached we need to be working hard to reduce the risks and improve awareness and safety. Here is what we found after researching the subject.

The video presented by “Transport of London” shows how large the blind spot in your lorry can be.

Regarding to the action in London on 15th of November, provided by “The National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence” called “STOP KILLING”

We decided to review systems to reduce Blind spots in HGVs.

TruckView Fresnel lens

More info:

TruckView is a visual device for drivers, it is not a mirror. It is a clear, thin, flat plastic lens that is press fitted to a truck’s passenger door window glass. Its concentric ring surface allows the driver to see through it directly, (so it’s not a reflected view) however its optical properties provide a downwards view close to and around the truck’s passenger door. TruckView therefore covers this mirror blind-spot which is the cause of so many accidents.

Intelligent Vehicle Camera System ASL360

More info:
ASL360 is the world’s first ever stand-alone system for industrial vehicles offering the operator a bird’s eye real-time view of the vehicle and its surroundings. The ASL360 surround view system synthesises a bird’s eye image of the vehicle using multiple ultrawide-angle cameras mounted on the front, sides and rear of the vehicle. Ordinarily, the fisheye distortion renders the views from such cameras unusable, but ASL360 deploys heavy duty signal processing to produce usable geometry.

Designed to assist low-speed manoeuvrability and security, the screen displays the view as if from above the vehicle. The system can be used with other existing cameras due to its extensive user-configurable User Interface. The basic version interfaces up to six cameras to provide surround and local side views, whilst the enhanced version interfaces up to 12 cameras.

Custom options are available to interface the vehicle’s CAN bus and to perform numerous Machine Vision functions, such as video conditioning for low-light or bright sky, vehicle speed calculation, camera soiling, ground feature tracking, obstacle detection, hoist interlocks, trailer/implement hitching.

All vehicles have blind spots – areas around the vehicle that are obscured to the operator by the vehicle’s bodywork or machinery. These Wing mirror

blind spots present significant danger to objects close to the vehicle and inhibit the user’s ability to operate and manoeuvre the vehicle or its machinery effectively.

Legislation in some countries requires additional mirrors or reversing cameras on vehicles of a certain size or function, but these still leaves significant blind spots. ASL360 systems are complementary to existing cameras systems, which can be integrated easily into its user interface.


More info:
60° OmniVue is a four camera system that provides a real-time bird’s-eye view of your vehicle. Advanced video processing provides a seamless view of your vehicle’s operating environment in real-time. Add a level of safety and security to your vehicle operations that is unmatched by existing vehicle surveillance systems.
360° OmniVue uses state-of-the-art video processing to create a real-time bird’s-eye view of the vehicle. The complete elimination of blind spots allows the driver to safely maneuver the vehicle in the most demanding of environments. This significantly reduces the potential for injuries to pedestrians or children and causing property damage from unseen objects.

Smart i 360 Degree Seamless Surround View Digital Video Recorder

More info:
360 Bird-Eye View of entire vehicle surrounding using the latest technology. Records up to 28 hours of continuous recording with a 28GB SD card. For more enquiries



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