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Drivers record keeping

If you are a driver on a journey that falls into scope of Drivers’ Hours Rules and Regulations then you are required to keep a record of your journey. The examples of records are analogue tachograph, digital tachograph card, or a log book depending on type of work undertaken and vehicle used..

In the same way your employer / vehicle operator has got legal obligation to keep a record of driving activities in the company.

If your journey falls into scope of EU Driver’ hours you are required to meet following criteria regarding record keeping:


Drivers record keeping

  • use digital tacho driver card or tacho chart if using analogue tachograph whilst driving a vehicle or being a second driver in the vehicle
  • if using charts, keep last 28 days plus current day and made them available for inspection if required (only driving days and other work recorded on chart manually is required, although it is good practice to record your rest time as well)
  • keep a driver card and made it  available for inspection if required at the roadside check by enforcement officer
  • return charts within 42 days of completion of each chart and made drivers card available for download
  • correct filling of centrefield

Operators responsibilities

  • Operator is responsible for calibration and sealing of tacho unit
  • Periodic inspections – 2 yearly inspection and 6 yearly inspection which includes re-calibration
  • re-calibration should take place after a repair to tacho unit, changing of vehicle wheel size,after adjusting UTC time greater than 20 min or when vehicle registration number has changed
  • keep tacho charts, for at least of 12 months from the date they were used
  • issue drivers with correct tachograph charts for the journey
  • make sure drivers are trained to use tacho equipment
  • make sure that tacho unit is in working order- in the event of breakdown the equipment must be repaired by qualified fitter as soon as possible. There is an option for the driver to finish his journey providing that there is no way of tacho repair on route, but this must happen within 7 days. Operator must be able to demonstrate that arrangements have been made for repair and driver must do a manual entry to record the activities on the shift. This does not mean that the vehicle may be used with broken tacho in any circumstance, ie arranging repair on the 7th day whilst vehicle is being used leaving and coming back to the base daily.



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