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How to plan drivers breaks


Every driver depending on the nature of the work undertaken will have to plan breaks differently.

For example it is very likely that long distance driver will need to take driving hours break earlier than multi drop driver, or if you only drive only  for a part of your shift you will need to plan accordingly.

Following this few tips can  make your day more efficient, saving tacho infringements.

  • splitting driving break to 15 and 30 covers you better for WTD purposes as you must not work for more than 6 h without taking at least 15 min break

  • remember that your driving must be interrupted by breaks so taking a break before your driving commences (ie during other work period or as a second driver) will only cover you for WTD, you will still have to take your breaks to cover your driving. Example:  2 h of other work in the warehouse, 15 min break taken, then after  driving for   4,5 h full 45 min is required not 30 as first 15 was taken before driving period started.

  • first 45 min of POA is classified as break

  • if multimaning second driver can take his/her break whilst the vehicle is driven by driver one

  • whilst driving time breaks can be split into 15 and 30 min , WTD breaks can be split into any period of time of 15 min or more.

  • any time used as break is not classified as work so if you take a break of less than 15 min it will not count as break towards requirements but your working time is reduced by that. So it will not be counted toward your daily shift time or your average working time.

  • your breaks are not forming a part of your daily rest so if you are reducing your daily rest the maximum shift you are able to work is 15 h (24-9)

  • your breaks must interrupt your shift so any time put as break at the beginning or end of your shift will not be counted toward your break



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