Easy to use with a simple user interface – Data is read automatically when you insert your driver’s card or attach your VU download device. Files are stored in tamper-proof format, conforming to the European standards, as required by the authorities. You can choose to save these files on your PC or network. The software can create detail, summary and graphical reports from the downloaded files. You can view, print and export the reports to other software applications.
Meet the minimum legal requirement for downloading digital tachograph data – EasyTac downloader reads data from driver’s cards and stores it in the legally-required file format. It also transfers and displays data from all common VU download devices.

Lists of drivers and vehicles are automatically created and updated each time you download your data, and a simple and customisable ‘traffic light’ reminder system helps you to identify the ones you need to download
Automatic visual reminders for when to download
View and print activity reports, graphs and summaries – EasyTac downloader makes it easy to identify the time period you wish to analyse, after which you can view detailed activity lists, summaries by day or shift, and graphical timeline reports and events and faults including overspeed alerts. You can also export report data into other programs
Manage, back-up and email your stored data – Files are automatically stored in a configurable location using a simple-to-understand file naming convention. You can change this location so that it is on either a local disk drive or a network. A built-in email function allows files to be easily forwarded if required. A feature to back these files up is also included.
Import data from other software – Standard-format files downloaded by other software applications can be imported and analysed by EasyTac downloader. All files can be accessed at any time for analysis and reporting.
Compatibility and support – EasyTac downloader runs on a standard Windows PC with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8 and requires a compatible smartcard reader. The software comes with “Easy-Follow” user guides and free technical support.



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