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Tachomaster doesn’t just do tachograph analysis. It gives you the big picture of your business at no extra cost. Your analysed tachographs contain vast information about how you’re using your vehicles and drivers. Tachomaster lets you see, understand and use this information. All Tachomaster reports let you compare different drivers, depots and regions. You can even generate your drivers’ wages report directly from Tachomaster.

  • Analyses instantly drivers’ cards, vehicle units and analogue charts – information is immediately available for you to see and report on.
  • Combines digital tachograph drivers’ card and vehicle unit information
  • Reports Site, Agency, Drivers or Department overviews, all judged by the same criteria irrespective of data volumes
  • The Leave Calendar shows you all Annual Leave, Sick and other leave types all in one place — identifying patterns in your company working habits.
  • The speeding and harsh braking details from the vehicle unit are automatically assigned to the driver who was driving at the time and are clearly shown in Tachomaster’s driver reports.
  • You can view and monitor drivers’ performance which will help you lower fuel bills.
  • Many other features: Assign Missing Card Data, Custom User Profiles, Immediate Data Processing, Leave and Rest Days, Online Card Reader, Raw Data Access, Reliable Odometer, Reports, Scheduled Reports, Tachomaster Software, Vehicle Information, Unlimited Users

Tachomaster also integrates with Falcon Vehicle Tracking. This lets Tachomaster show you exactly where each mode change was made. In return, Falcon will then show you all of your vehicle information – such as fuel consumption – by driver.
With Tachomaster there is no risk. The software is free and the 28-day free trial lets you use everything. At the end of your trial, Tachomaster analysis costs just £1 per driver per week (optional vehicle analysis is just 50p per vehicle per week). The big picture is free and there’s no minimum contract period either.




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