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Reset digital tacho clock

To change local time on VDO digital tacho you need to follow this steps: Press OK to bring up the menu use arrow down to find local time setting you will only be able to change time in 30 min blocks Stoneridge tacho: Press ok then use arrow down to find settings and from settings

Tachograph analysis software overview

The tachograph was originally introduced for the railroads in the 1920s (The Hasler Event Recorder) so that companies could better document irregularities. Today a tachograph is a device fitted to a vehicle that automatically records its speed and distance, together with the driver’s activity selected from a choice of modes. A tachograph system comprises a


EASY TAC DOWNLOADER Easy to use with a simple user interface – Data is read automatically when you insert your driver’s card or attach your VU download device. Files are stored in tamper-proof format, conforming to the European standards, as required by the authorities. You can choose to save these files on your PC or


How to set a digital tacho unit for out of scope

If exempt from EU Driver’s Hours Regulations you may still be required to make a record of your activities under Domestic Regulations. If Domestic Regulations recording is required then you need to keep an up to date log book or you may choose to record your activities via tachograph. Please remember that ALL working activities must

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