Mixing digital and analogue driving

Using digital and analogue tachograph on one shift proves to be challenging for many drivers. It doesn’t need to be providing they follow one simple rule that there can only be only one record which continues on either chart or digital card and switches as they change the vehicles. Many drivers make a mistake of doubling their record where they only need to record their activities on the device they were using at the time.

Example :
Driver works in the yard for 1 hour then drives digital vehicle, then swaps it for analog vehicle and comes back to the yard where he works for another hour.
Other work can be recorded as manual entry on digi card or put manually on the chart, so driver should input 1 hour of other work on the card before driving away, then his activities will be recorded on the digi card for the duration of the journey. When he swaps vehicles he should take his digi card out and fill the tachochart for the analog vehicle. Driver does not need to make any manual entry for the time he was using digi card. He needs to record time spent between driving two vehicles and it can be done by manual entry on the chart. Driver will finish his day on analogue tacho and should put a manual entry for 1 hour after he finished driving.
Driver can make a note in chart comments that he was driving digital vehicle between given hours.

As far as digital records there is no need to put another manual entry for the time driver was using analogue chart. In fact if driver chooses to do it he may find himself questionable that he was trying to falsify records. Driver needs to put “?” (unknown) for the time the chart was used.



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