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Tachograph manual entries


Full record of ALL driver’s activities is required throughout a working day. Keeping records of only driving is short of requirements!

It is important to understand that drivers recording their activities via the tachograph are required to keep record for all activities not just driving. This may include accounting for time spent away from the vehicle and require manual entry records on the chart or digital tachograph.

Recording of full working day using analogue chart may require manual entry at the reverse of the chart and flagging start and finish time. The examples of best practice are included in DVSA guide

Digital tachographs require use of manual entry facility available in tacho head. There is plenty of tutorial videos available on the internet and it is also advisable to ask more experienced person as mistakes are easily made and common. This type of manual entry is performed at the point of insertion of driver card and normally the tacho head comes up with a question of whether the driver wants to add any manual entry. Correct recording of the driver’s activities consists of closing the last working day correctly, accounting for time between last use of the card and now (rest , other work, POA or unknown which is marked with question mark “?” and represents time when other record is kept – analogue chart or log book) and correct startof current shift including time of actual start of the day and activities since then.

Not keeping full record leaves the driver open to interpretation of what was their actual finish and start time, specially if there was vehicle movement with no card inserted before the driver started the shift.

Not keeping full records also causes problems in recording correct average working time for Working Time Directive purposes as there is big discrepancies between actual working time and time recorded via the tacho.

Alternative way to record time spent away from the vehicle is using the reverse side of tacho print roll.

The big challenge is when both analogue chart and digital tacho is used on the same shift by the driver. In this case it is important to remember that consistent record is required with no overlapping and no gaps throughout the shift.



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