Easy 10 Minute Set Up - Freights

Easy 10 Minute Set Up

Your partner wants to share the information about their loads and vehicles with you.
In 4 easy steps we will show you how to get you network set up.

Step one: Share the knowledge in your company

When you log in to freights.eu cloud you should add user access for all the employees in your company, so everyone can see all available goods in the network

Step two: Add your own content

Add your own available cargoes or vehicles. After that you and your colleagues can see what is available on your company table where your partner’s and your goods are visible on one screen.

Step three: Exchange the data with people you trust

You will need to send invites to the partners you wish to share data with. Once your partner shares their data you and your colleagues can see it on the dashboard. Now you can show your vehicles and loads to your partners and create your own private network.

Step four: Check what is available

Login to the freights.eu and check what loads your vehicles have and where they are, see what loads your partners have that are available all in real time and on one dashboard.

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