Loads and vehicles manager - Freights

Loads and vehicles manager

Freights.eu cloud is a modern tool in the transport industry.
We are very proud that you can share your loads and vehicles in your business network with us.
The main workspace in freights.eu cloud is a dashboard where you can manage your vehicles, loads and see available resources from your partners.

The main map will help you to find out what is available for you. You can zoom in and zoom out the map to check out specific area. When you click the icon you can see all details about current resource.

Our aim is to give you an opportunity to share vehicles and loads in your company between your colleagues and share it outside of your company with your partners

Under the map you can find “Recent changes” made by your team and your partners.
This list gives you a short synopsis of what happened at the last amendment. You can click the link on this list to check details about event.

You must set your view setting to the correct time range and make your map more visible.
When you send daily update via freights.eu cloud the time range is very important because we get your services only between this dates

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