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Maximum vehicle gross weight in European countries

The numerous laws, rules and agreements that must be followed while operating heavy goods vehicles overseas also include the regulations concerning Maximum Gross Weight of the vehicles. In the European Community countries, after admission of Sweden and Finland, where for competitive and environmental reasons longer and heavier vehicle combination than those in the EU Directives


Driver qualification courses September 2014 deadline – time running out.

Do you drive a large goods vehicle to transport anything professionally? If you do, have you already completed your five days of periodic training? If not, don’t forget to do it before September 9, 2014 as part of the new Driver Certificate of Professional Competence! The Driver CPC is EU-wide and affects all professional drivers


Requirements that a carrier must meet to be able to undertake a cabotage journey

Read previous: Road freight cabotage in EU The adoption of Regulation (EC) No 1072/2009 has removed national interpretations of the previous rules and thus increased stability in the market. The new Regulation has defined clearly the temporary nature of cabotage by introducing quantitative criteria (the “3 operations in 7 days” rule) to define the scope


Road freight cabotage in EU

Cabotage is a term that refers to transportation of goods in a country by a carrier registered in another country. Originally it meant shipping along coastal routes, from port to port and comes from the name of the 15th century explorer Giovanni Cabote, who used to travel along the coast of the explored lands. Initially

Freight transport companies responsibilities in respect of corporate manslaughter act

Corporate manslaughter legislation means that companies, organizations and Government bodies face an unlimited fine if they’re found to have caused death by gross failings in the corporate management of their duties of care. The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, puts the law on corporate manslaughter (in Scotland, corporate culpable homicide) onto a new

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