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Driver’s responsibilities

Following list points out basic HGV drivers responsibilities: Fit to drive correct driving licence for the vehicle driven,digital card, qualification card correct record of work activities- last 28 days worth of tacho record  proper vehicle check and defect reporting this includes pre shift and spot checks during the shift as well with correct reporting of

UTC Universal Time Coordinated

Vehicle tachograph units are operating in UTC time which is the same as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), the vehicle clock is set to a local time, therefore the time on the tacho unit may differ from the time displayed on the dash board. This must be taken into account when doing manual entries on the digital

Digital Tachographs and Records

Digital tachographs are instruments to record driving activities in vehicles in scope of EU and AETR rules. Installation of digital tachograph (replacing analogue) became legal requirement for the vehicles first registered after 1 st of May 2006 for EU countries and from 2010 in AETR countries. The form of recording driving activities changed from recording on paper

Analogue tachographs and records

  Tachograph unit fitted in the vehicle must be calibrated and sealed at approved centre. All seals must remain in tact and if damaged the vehicle must be taken to approved centre for recalibration and resealing. Analogue tachographs must be inspected every 2 years and recalibrated every 6 years. In the event of breakdown of

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