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Tachograph manual entries

Tachograph manual entries

Full record of ALL driver’s activities is required throughout a working day. Keeping records of only driving is short of requirements! It is important to understand that drivers recording their activities via the tachograph are required to keep record for all activities not just driving. This may include accounting for time spent away from the vehicle and require

Vehicle weight limits – stay on top or face penalty.

HGV and under 3500 kg vehicle weight limits explained. Knowing your maximum vehicle weight and not exceeding it is one of the undertakings of  an Operator’s Licence and breaching the rules can cost you severely. Sticking to weight limits is not limited to heavy goods operators and anyone can face a penalty whilst driving or

External Transport Management overview

It has become a common practice for small fleet operators to hire external managers to look after their Operator Licence. Unfortunately it is not unknown for this managers to be working only on paper with very little involvement in the company,which is totally unacceptable from public interest and Traffic Commissioner’s point of view. The risk

Chargeable weight ratios

You receive a call from one of your established customers saying they’ve received an order for a delivery to China and being their main transport provider on road transport around Europe they expect you to have the answers and be able to help. You’re left with the difficult decision, either you say you have no

Reset digital tacho clock

To change local time on VDO digital tacho you need to follow this steps: Press OK to bring up the menu use arrow down to find local time setting you will only be able to change time in 30 min blocks Stoneridge tacho: Press ok then use arrow down to find settings and from settings


English Channel crossing comparison

Speed and weight limits, working hours and environmental concerns can all have an impact on international haulage business routes. The fastest way to cover the distance across the Channel is nowadays by The Eurotunnel and it takes only 35 minutes. More than 20 million trucks have been transported on board the Truck Shuttles since the


How to set a digital tacho unit for out of scope

If exempt from EU Driver’s Hours Regulations you may still be required to make a record of your activities under Domestic Regulations. If Domestic Regulations recording is required then you need to keep an up to date log book or you may choose to record your activities via tachograph. Please remember that ALL working activities must

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