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Freights.eu cloud is a simple way to share your loads and vehicles in your private trusted network
Start building your business network with freights.eu cloud where you can share your loads and vehicles only with people you know and trust.
To help keep our vehicles moving with genuine loads, return loads and back loads.
In freights.eu cloud you can add and share real time information about your goods and vehicles using a very easy panel and share this information between your colleagues and customers (partners).
Build your private business list and cooperate only with people who you want to do business with. Using a private business network will protect you from freight cowboys and give you an opportunity to grow faster.

Improve communication in your company

You and your colleagues should have access to constant and up to date information of what loads and vehicles your company is working on without everyone having to ask for updates. That’s why you and your colleagues should use one real time system and see all available loads and vehicles in one place. Freights.eu cloud is designed to show you all available loads an vehicles on a single map and improve communication in your company. Read more How to improve your work in the company

Share goods in private social network 

Freights.eu cloud gives you a possibility to manage loads and vehicles in your company, share it with your customers (partners) outside of the company and see available loads from your private business network. Read more how important is to have good connections with your partners

This system is a social network model.

Create your own profile page

You can build a profile page in 10 minutes and use it as your web site. Follow 3 simple steps and make your life easier. Read more How to create page for company in transport industry

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